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Just Kids in Strollers.

I’m doing a Bible study and yesterday the chapter talked about when Eli’s sons lost a battle so they took the Arc of the Covenant with them into their next battle, assuming that would be enough to secure the victory for them. Not only did they lose, but the Philistines ended up capturing the Arc. The study goes on to warn against falling into a pattern of using God as a good luck charm. We’ve all done it at some point. When I was in 5th grade I very vividly remember clenching the cross around my neck and praying for knowledge I didn’t have in order to win a spelling bee. I didn’t. Not to say we shouldn’t ask God for things, but there’s always the chance of God saying no, and that’s something we need to accept and learn to be okay with.

“But I trust in you, O Lord; I say, “You are my God.”” Psalm 31:14

Every once in a while when I’ve got my daughter out in her stroller, she’ll get a little spooked when we go up an incline. There’s no reason for it of course, but sometimes her mind just screams, “This is wrong. I’m not level. I’m supposed to be level, I must be falling.” So she wants me to save her, but before she even has a chance to get truly scared we level out again and she’s just fine. This is kind of how we are with God. When things are fine we’re enjoying the ride, but the moment we aren’t level anymore we want God to provide a magic way out, flatten the ground before our feet, and make the ride comfortable again.

So that’s where you have the choice; you can let God push you up those uncomfortable inclines or you can tell Him to go away and try to push your own stroller.

The problem with that last option is my daughter tries pushing her own stroller too. She doesn’t do that bad, but she can’t see over the stroller and really can’t reach very well so she doesn’t have much control over where it goes and it’s not long before she’s weaving her way right off the sidewalk and I have to intervene. (disclosure: never done beside the street… just in the park) What’s really funny though is that when she’s decided it’s her job to push the stroller, if she notices me helping her guide it, she’ll actually push my hand away. Sound familiar?? I know it does for me.

Can you just imagine though? If the entire world was made up of kids either strapped in strollers or pushing ones too big for them. Some are stretching down to push themselves along with a foot, some might have managed to snag a stick to push with. All of these kids obviously sticking close to the comfortable paths because we can’t do those inclines alone. We just can’t. I don’t have an example where my daughter tried that one because I don’t want to see the stroller flip back on her. Then you have the few actually getting somewhere because they’re letting God push. Yeah, it gets uncomfortable from time to time and most of the time you won’t know what’s at the top of that incline, but that’s okay, because God can see it and He wouldn’t be taking you there if it was somewhere you didn’t need to be.

So if you’re stuck on that incline today and you really wish God would step in and make things comfortable again, just try to accept the chaos for a moment. He’s still there and if you trust in Him, you’ll level out again soon and you’ll be better for it.

Thanks for reading everyone, share any thoughts in the comments.

God Bless


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