Hey everyone,

I’m not going to say much today but I wanted to share a link with you to My friend Julia is wearing the same dress for a year to raise awareness about the new Restore International classroom in Uganda. I hope you all check it out and even if you can’t give financially she could use your moral support and I hope you share it! You never know who around you is just waiting for something like this, so share it and support a great cause!

Thanks everyone, I hope you’re all doing well

God Bless


Deep Breaths

Have you ever wanted to run out into a busy street and scream, “Real Christians exist! We have answers! Come talk to me!”

Seeing debates usually does this for me. I don’t have all the answers of course, or even most of them I bet, but I have SOME and it’s like none of the Christians want to give real answers to the people of this world. (not that the people of this world want to HEAR the real answers… but regardless!)

It really doesn’t take much either… In the past year I’ve studied. Some. Not a lot by any standards, but I’ve made an effort to study some, which is more than I have ever before. Through this fraction of time spent studying God’s Word, and the opinions of wiser men on God’s Word, I’ve come to a point where I feel confident in the answers I do have and I feel secure in the answers I don’t have.

{Food for thought: The easiest way to get new answers is to be confronted with questions you haven’t already heard}

It’s just so frustrating to me that the stance of a “Christian” today can be to make jokes, keep the crowd happy, and make nice with the other debater. Am I saying don’t make nice, keep the crowd happy, and make jokes?? Not necessarily, but if it’s at the expense of an opportunity to truly defend and share God’s Word, maybe save the jokes for later.

Ok. I’ve vented. Deep breaths. Sorry for the delayed post! I have a webpage up and was intending to release a blog there… but I think I might have another use for it so just keep on eye out for me right here 🙂

Thanks everyone, hope you enjoyed,

God Bless